Self Service

Self directed issues, renewals, returns and fine payments.

ATU Donegal library is pleased to provide a self service unit for issuing and returning books. This may be used by any current registered patron.

When you present at the machine, you will be asked to place your ID card into the slot provided. Following the on screen instructions, simply scan the barcodes of each item, usually located just inside the front cover of each book. When you are finished scanning items, remove your card from the slot and your receipt will print out, confirming the return date for your borrowed items.

To return items, choose ‘return items’ on the touch screen and scan each item in the same manner as above. You can then place them into the box provided on the right hand side of the self service machine.

Library Fines are paid at the self service machine.
» Normal Loans 30c per day
» One week loans  50c per day
» Three day loans €1 euro per day
» Desk Reserves €1 euro per hour