Copy & Print

Students have access to photocopying and printing services within the ATU Donegal Library campuses. Find out how to avail of these services below.

The PCs located within the library are connected to a networked printer.

Before being able to copy or print you must ensure there is credit your account.

To Top up your account for copying and printing.

1. On the desktop select the box called Print Quota.
2. This will prompt the SafeQ Login for ATU Donegal
3. Enter student No. eg. (L00123456) and Pin (Cabin71)
4. Click Deposit Money from €3.00-€40.00 using a debit/credit card only.
5. The credited amount is linked to the student card which can be swiped when using the printing/photocopying facility.
6. If you have no student card to print with select the “Generate Pin” option. This will generate a 5 digit pin which can be entered into printer/copier to allow printing/copying.

1 Page black/white —– per page – 7c
1 Page color —– per page – 18c

Any problems with this service must be addressed to the Computer Services Helpdesk.

Refer all technical queries relating to print quotas, wireless access, lost USB and memory sticks, etc. to Computer Technician’s Helpdesk upstairs (ext. 6158) or to the two Computer Services Helpdesks.

I.T. Technicians in the computer suite are responsible for the maintenance of the printer/photocopiers.
However in their absence log a call with the Computer Services Helpdesk.